Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Nail Art No-Chip Manicure from Polish2Times

I had my first no-chip manicure for my friends' wedding in September. Thanks to a Lifebooker deal, I got nail art for $2 extra. I went to Polish2Times and Cheryl was fabulous--great human being, and we had lots of fun chatting while she made my nails absolutely gorgeous. I actually brought the dress I was going to wear to the wedding so we could come up with something that matched, and matched we did!
Dress from Anthropology:

Nails from Cheryl at Polish2Times (photo courtesy of Polish2Times with color Photoshop corrected by me)

And the wedding itself was fabulous. I saw my friends from College Attempt #1 and four of us shared a room the first night which was crazy but completely fun. It was so good spending quality time with some of my favorite people ever, and my nails stayed fabulous and chip-free.

Two weeks later, my nails finally chipped badly all over the place, and I discovered how difficult it is to remove a no-chip manicure. I spent literally hours with aluminum foil wrapped around 100% acetone-soaked cotton balls on my nails, then scraped and buffed like crazy until the crap finally came off. I almost made an emergency manicure appointment because I had a date and my nails were looking ridiculous and I was sick of fighting with them, but I finally triumphed, finding my real nails underneath it all. As a result, I don't think I'll get a no-chip again without scheduling a removal appointment (they tend to be like $5-$10 and definitely worth not having to do battle myself) but it was great while it lasted.

After the wedding no-chip, I pained my nails red with red sparkles on top and they looked great and I didn't get a picture. FAIL.

Now, for Halloween, my nails are a different kind of awesome, but I'll let that be its own post...