Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things that remind me of things

I made a treasury today that had been in my head for awhile. All these things reminded me of other things that made me think of other things, so I had to make them into a treasury. Look at it, please.
Econ 201: The Felted Booger Maker Pricing Explanation will be coming soon...especially once my car is in the shop (stupid truck squished it) and it becomes a pain in the ass to actually GO places. I may put out a little zine-type publication of Econ for Etsy things (shaynamaidel's idea) and sell it through my'd be a good way to be a paid writer again and still help people out, just not for free. Cheap, but not free. So long as my stupid migraines keep me from getting a normal person job, I need to actually make money elsewhere. Cards, banners, econ blabberings. Whatever works.

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