Thursday, August 21, 2008

TheModDog collars Freud

Since my dog Freud* is a rescue and I have no idea when his birthday is, this year we celebrated our "anniversary, ie when he was more-or-less dumped on me by the crazy dog rescue lady in Ohio. I love him infinitely much, and even though he's crazy, I don't mind. I bought him a new collar (he kind of needed one anyway) as an anniversary present this year from TheModDog and it is fabulous! Obviously, we had to do a photo shoot. I'm still a moderately lousy photographer, but he is a gorgeous model. Please enjoy, and I highly recommend TheModDog for all your pet collar needs!

*I named him because he is crazy and when I got him he was obsessed with his genitals. Now he's got the mommy complex, too, but I guess I asked for that one.

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1 comment:

Bejeweled said...

Hi there!

Let me just say .... You Rock!! Thank you so much for that info on printing cards! I had absolutely no idea where to start (if you couldn't tell) and I sooo appreciate your post!

Fabulous blog you have! Love the googly eye background :) And Freud is looking stylish in his new collar. He's a super cutie, and now he's extra cute in his anniversary gift :)