Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fancy Seeing You Here

Soooooooooo I'm back.

I'm buying and selling antiques and vintage finds from estate sales and auctions and anywhere else I stumble into.

Off the Wall Greetings is up. Finally. I'm trying to add items regularly to it and my now vintage/antique-centered JillHannah shop.

I'm being crazy picky neurotic about my photos and I think it's paying off.
My more recent efforts:

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Now if I can just keep juggling all 73 balls at once while losing a few random days a week to the migraine beast (a few days is so much better than when it was every day I have trouble complaining) I'll be a real human being in no time!


niftyknits said...

crazy picky neurotic is good when it's about photos! I've just invested in photoshop elements - oh wow does it make a difference! I could now happily spend whole days playing with pics...hang on, wasn't it supposed to help? How's the fish swimsuit business going?

JillHannah said...

Fish swimsuit business always slows down in winter. Even though most of my clients keep indoor aquariums, the desire to flaunt seems to ebb with the shortened days.

Yay photoshop!

a. said...

nice to see you alive and kicking here. now i have one more lovely blog to read while my health points are being restored in Treasure Madness on facebook.
love your face. (book?)

wv- mulnests