Monday, January 18, 2010

Where to Screw Email

The Screw Email Blog lives! In my estate sale scavenging, I found two shoeboxes of letters and postcards for sale, postmarked and filled with abandoned story and sentiment. (I'm the only person at these sales who looks for non-blank cards.)
Now, I have over 100 cards, so I can keep the blog running for at least that many posts, and by then I figure it might actually catch on enough for people to be comfortable sending me things.
You are included in people.

As a result of my postcard shoebox purchases, I now also have a whole ton of blank vintage postcards, too. I figure I can sell five postcard grab-bags, but here's the question: do I sell them with all my other vintage finds on or do I put them on Off the Wall Greetings because they are cards and a bit off the wall?
Suggestions? Inklings? Comments?

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