Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I Didn't Post Yesterday's Treasuries until Today

My wireless modem bent at a 45° angle thanks to Act of Dog.
Yesterday was a day that I should have spent avoiding human contact. My head was particularly zappy with weird floaty migraine aura lights, piercing pain, and more than my fair share of forgetting what had happened 30 seconds ago. Instead I ran around to Clear Wireless stores and internet cafes, trying to figure out how to get a new modem ASAP and dealing with the most necessary bits of Etsy business. I fell asleep at 6 PM and woke up in time to walk the dog and go to bed.

Today I got up, walked the culprit of a dog, took photos of antique doorknobs, and crossed the street to the free wireless internet cafe/eating establishment Charmers/Dagel and Beli. Over 4 hours, one bagel, and two cups of chai tea (non-latte) later, I'm still plugging away.

The passage of time is much more pronounced when I'm not at home. At home, I spend all day every day on the computer. It's my job, my television, my video game system, my communications's both work and my diversion from work. Plus I get up and wander around, eat things, throw treats for the dog to chase, clean the kitchen, take more photos, etc. Being at the cafe is much more like being at a real normal-people office. I'm not sure I've been any more or less productive here. I get to eavesdrop and people watch, I have to wear pants. There's always a trade-off.

Trade off I get to experience now: other people make a larger selection of food and drinks, but it's relatively expensive. Am I sick of chai? Hot chocolate perhaps?

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