Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Information Overload?

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I'm working on listing these posters on Ebay. They've been in my house for months now and they crack me up. I found them at the Glenview Public Library's demolition sale (they built a new building and the old one was a mad-house of shelves and office furniture and lighting fixtures being sold to more locals than I've seen at any demolition sale ever). Somehow I left there with only the the posters, but I still drive a sedan and much of my own house redoing is redone.

But these posters are hysterical! I mean, I know in 1997 I certainly went to the library to learn about cyberspace.
(Did we say "not" in 1997 or was that earlier? Well, I just said it, so there.)

C3PO is very convincing. His overloaded face is wrought with emotion. The other poster (still editing photos, kind of hate them and may retake) has C3PO and R2D2 and says "DOWNLOAD and LEARN: Conquer the Information Universe."
Is there something I can download that will list these things on Ebay for me? Think my friendly neighborhood librarian would know? It always takes me a million times longer to list anything on Ebay than it does on Etsy, but that may have more to do with habit than actual complexity.
I'll link when the listings are up in case you need one or both posters to complete you as a human being. May the Force Bid With You.

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