Thursday, February 24, 2011

Areas of Expertise

Last night, a buyer convoed me with a question about an item and I didn't know the answer. This happens semi-regularly, especially since I sell such a wide range of things and don't yet know everything about everything, no matter how much I research before I list.

But this question made me feel stupid. It wasn't about the origin of the product, its first year of export, whether it worked with a AA battery, or anything else from my vintage research realm. No, this question was: does the iron have a non-stick coating.

I have to admit, I use an iron in my own life about three times a year. If something is wrinkled, I just wear it or wash it again. For a girl with a well-decorated house and my own publicly acceptable sense of fashion, I never took home economics and most likely would have failed the folding and ironing mid-term with flying, wrinkly colors.

So instead of just looking at this iron and saying to my customer "Yes! Non-stick coating it is!" I have to bug my friends. Thank goodness for well-domesticated friends.

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