Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage Letter Blocks

A few months back, I found an entire box of vintage letter blocks at an estate sale. I'd already sold a set of blocks in my JillHannah Etsy shop so I was very excited to find quite so many of these fabulous blocks.

But now I face a problem: how to sell them. A lot of people already do custom names and things, others have words like "FUN" and "LOVE" available for sale. So I can compete with the existing or I can innovate. My initial innovative instinct? Sell words like "SHIT," "ASSHAT" and "NUMBSKULL." They'll sell, or at least get attention, but do I want my shop going in that direction? It's not exactly classy.

Maybe today I'll work on listing the vintage popcorn popper and see what other people think.

Other people? You out there?

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