Saturday, June 9, 2012

To Do: Paint Nails, Find Muse, Hang Shelves

My nails have been naked for many days in a row because I have been so busy.

Etsy has a brand new "About" section. Read all about it here:

I haven't filled mine out yet. My Etsy life was born of my migraines. Friends recommended I check it out when I was at my absolute worst, back near the beginning of the 20 Months Of Uninterrupted Pain. Just as I was recognizing that this headache was different, was not going to end, I could do very little day after day beyond sit in a pitch-black room and stare at the beautiful items sold on Etsy through half-closed eyes. As time went on, I started making my own goofy and snarky greeting cards and selling them in my own little shop. It was just the occasional card, but it thrilled me to be selling directly to customers (unlike when I worked at a major greeting card company, a job I also loved but you didn't actually get your name on your work or personal interaction with the buyer). I started feeling better little by little, and taking advantage of my good days, I grew and expanded my business to eventually include wallpaper envelopes. I learned how to take better photos of my products and improved my packaging, customer service, and advertising. I started this blog. I created the (still going though I'm no longer a part of it) Jewish Etsy Team "EtsyChai." Etsy was all the good parts of my life, the parts not mired in pain.

I want to do that justice. I don't want to gloss over migraines, the pain, or how much Etsy meant to me for so long. I also don't want to scare people or to be overly negative. Or long-winded.

I consider myself a writer. I should be able to do this.

The other half of my "About" section I need to work on is my photos, but I'm about to put up these five giant shelves for all of the Stuff, and I imagine once everything is up and organized it will look much nicer than if I take pictures of the current mess of merchandise.

Oh, "About" section, so much work you have created for me!

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