Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yo' Mama's Day Card

Who says Mother's Day has to be purely mushy? I have friends who are now popping out babies. It is weird, and I want to send them Mother's Day cards. I had this "Holy shit! You made a baby!" idea for them, and then I figured a lot of Etsy is 20-somethings like myself poking through the Mother's Day cards, and they'll buy something for their own mothers, but suddenly they seem my BRILLIANT card and have to buy it for their friends who are babies. So far, I've gotten a convo from one woman telling me she totally understood the feeling and wanted to get the card but her friend who is the actual mother doesn't have the same sense of humor. Considering Mother's Day is more than a month away, I'll take that kind of response as a very good sign.

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