Sunday, January 11, 2009


My little brother decided he's going to come up with a better business model for me if possible. I know there are better options than my current slightly-more-than-half-assed Etsy selling and occasional live craft shows model. I should be going to salons and spas and boutiques and coffee shops and the locally owned card and paper stores around Chicago and selling there. I should be sending things out to the big craft/style bloggers (Dooce is #1 on my list).

I need to find a way to make my recycled wallpaper envelopes faster (if my cousin isn't going to make me metal templates soon, it's time to find a Plan B) so I can charge the best price for making the most money instead of having my annoying prohibitive bottom price where it's not worth my making them if I'm not charging more than at least $1+ a piece and can't really do huge bulk orders with any sort of speed.

Instead of all these things being vague "need tos" and "shoulds," I am officially declaring them goals for 2009. Hear that, self? GOALS. Set them up, knock them down, become awesome greeting card maven of the universe.

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