Thursday, January 8, 2009

Doggy Style

I guess I don't have to retake the photos of the thank you cards from the last post since they sold tonight. Woot. I should be taking pictures of all the other envelopes I have floating around here instead. Shelley (my friend's dog who has been staying with my while my friend is in South America) did not like my last photo shoot because I wasn't paying attention to her. She plopped down her toy and camped out on the lightbox light extension cords and looked sad. Obviously, I had to take her picture:

While I'm now at the point where I can't list any more card sets until I photo more card sets, it's not like I haven't been productive. I'm working on a dog sweater a friend of mine bought for her boyfriend's birthday that she wants shipped off to him by next week, so I've been knitting my brains out. The pattern is supposed to be a hybrid of the Israeli and Japanese flags, except with the Israeli flag's colors reversed so it's not mostly white. Quick terrible photo of my progress taken right now in my lap at my computer:

Shouldn't be much longer now. I got a lot done on the bus ride downtown today, more done while I waited at the DMV, and the rest has been during instant Netflix TV episodes of Weeds, 30 Rock, and Miami Vice. Think any of that gets infused into the knit?

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LeelaBijou said...

hehe, congrats on the sale! you have a very cute dog ^_^