Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Dog Hoodie

This one was a gift for a friend's boyfriend and their joint-custody dog. She's Jewish and he's Japanese, so she wanted a combination of the Israeli and Japanese flags. Obvious solution would be white background with the two blue horizontal Israeli flag stripes and the big red circle from Japan's flag where the Star of David normally goes on Israel's, but dogs and white sweaters are usually a bad idea (dog + white sweater + five minutes = no longer white sweater). SO! She said to switch the blue and the white and make it even more abstract than the hybrid flag already was going to be.

Again, forgive the awful photography. I was in a hurry, since I thought I'd already mailed it once. (Lesson learned: if friends are giving you business, treat them as part of your business. Otherwise they get lost in the shuffle and you become a big fat suckyhead.)

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