Monday, February 23, 2009

Dogs are Cuter than Cards

The hoodie seems to have made it to K'tantan in one piece. How effing cute is this dog? He has pretty cute parents, too. I've known his mom since our Oberlin College Kosher-Halal coop days (oy!) and we share an ex-boyfriend, but now she's about to get her masters degree in violin performance from Penn State and has probably the best classical musician website I've seen ever, designed by her boyfriend/K'tantan's daddy.
Look at her website. And if you need a violinist (and/or violin teacher...she was music education undergrad and she's good with kids), contact her and give her your money. She deserves it.

1 comment:

a. said...

2 things.

2) it is a nice webpage. it's pretty to look at and simple to navigate. what more could you want? i mean, besides a pop-up of minesweeper or something.