Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shiny Room Things

I now have the greatest dining room in the greatest condo ever. Except it's empty and I want a different light fixture.

The ceiling is now gold (though you can see all the paint strokes...I've been looking around online and this seems a common problem with the Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Metallics line. Ridiculous at over $25 a quart. I wonder if a sponge or other decorative finish would make it look less strokey). The room is pure drama and I've been dreaming about crystal chandeliers from the start. The store that had my gold paint (they were very nice at JC Licht...I should go back and ask them about the streaks) was near Antique Resources.

If I ever slip into a semi-permanent vegetative state, just park me inside Antique Resources. Hundreds of absolutely gorgeous crystal and bronze hand-carved antique works of art line the ceiling in a gallery of sparkly heaven. $13,800 will get you this 1900s empire style Dore bronze and crystal amazingness that's bigger than I am. You can't quite tell in the photo, but those are lions heads carved in the bronze.
Smaller and less expensive chandeliers are there, too, dipping down into my "under $500 so maybe I can long-term think about it" range, but I really want to wander into an estate sale or find an ad on Craigslist with something completely perfect and dirt cheap.

I've been playing around in Photoshop, trying out various chandeliers in the room. Yes, this is the best use of my time when I still have to pack.

Here's my dining room with the current light fixture:

and with a $1900 empire bronze and beaded crystal chandelier from Antique Resources:

It's waaay over my budget and not even right for the room, but you get the idea.

Then I started on window treatments. I'll talk about this more later I'm sure (long enough post already) but those kind of need to get priority over changing my chandelier. What I wanted in my head turns out to be Austrian or London fabric shades. So some more half-assed Photoshopping with not-quite-the-right-thing and voila!

If you're feeling creative, feel free to decorate my dining room. I even changed to creative commons licensing on my Flickr photo to allow for derivative works, so derive and conquer! Make it beautiful! Find even better chandeliers and the perfect fabric for the shades and the magical ability for me to sew said shades!

Show off your interior decorating talents! I'll post them in a later blog entry, and if I actually steal your idea I'll give you a permanent ad on my blog! Yay incentive!


kim* said...

lovin the chandy!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I really LIKE the gold ceiling...I couldn't picture it in my head, but it's certainly saying something.

Perhaps you will find a chandelier at a thrift shop that you can spray paint?!

I'll derive and conquer if something fab comes to mind, thanks for sharing!

a. said...

well crap. now i want a chandelier.

a. said...
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a. said...

Ok, you know what you can do? Re-cover the current fixture. Wallpaper or upholstry. Something both regal and semi-neutral. For reals, it will look better.

Vanessa said...

Beautiful room!!