Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nice Package

Talking about stamping the outsides of packages led me to thinking about how people package their items in general, so I started a forum thread on Etsy. It took off to 84 posts and counting and sparked my brilliant new plan for how to package my non-snarky card orders (like businesses and such who want the wallpaper enveloped thank-yous and whatnot). Photos to come...

I want to keep the discussion going. When you buy something, does the packaging matter? What surrounds the immediate item? The actual container used for shipping? Should it be sturdy at a loss for pretty or pretty at a loss for ecology? Form over function? How about if you sell things, what do you do to make your package prettier? Does it match the style of what's inside the package and/or the rest of your shop? Branding, people.

Things to think about as I head to yet another neurologist for yet another possible approach to killing my migraines.

Mailing stickers by Donovan Beeson available for sale at donovanbeeson.etsy.com

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