Thursday, February 25, 2010

If Rugs Could Fly

I currently possess and plan to sell four really beautiful rugs.
I know very little about rugs.
I'm researching my brains out, perhaps a bit more literally than I'd like (blerg migraines).
One of these rugs has a tag written in what I'm guessing is Arabic. I do not read or speak Arabic.
Upside-down it looks like cursive Hebrew. I do read Hebrew, though poorly and with little to no comprehension.
If anybody out there in Blogland does read Arabic or whatever language this actually is, I will love you forever.
If anybody out there in Chicagoland wants to buy a rug, I don't care about your language skills so long as we can sufficiently understand one another to make it through a transaction. I'm hurting for cash and the physical energy/ability to chase down buyers. This is a problem.

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