Sunday, September 12, 2010

Renegade 2010!

My friend and I managed to zip through the Renegade Craft Fair in an hour. The weather today was beautiful and the fair was insanely crowded (good for vendors, vaguely homicidal for me) so I was less than thorough, but I grabbed a lot of cards, coveted a lot of clothing, and saw a lot of handmade "taxidermy."

Very pregnant Circa Ceramics and Foxglove Accessories had side-by-side booths. With due-dates approaching, I was surprised to see either of them, but Nancy of Circa Ceramics was her usual energetic self with her show apron tied around dad-to-be Andy and her latest creation in the "kiln." She and Foxglove's Betsy both have more shows scheduled in the weeks to come and I wouldn't be surprised to see Betsy with a display rack of earrings in the maternity ward. (You guys rock!)

Paul Friedrich drew me a business card, complete with his star, Onion Head Monster. Check this guy out. I think he's fantastic.

Last week I made a treasury of "Hounds and Houndstooth" that included a sweater by Beantown Handmade. Without realizing it I'd met owner Anne and willing companion Mike at the panel on Friday, and today they were at the fair with their wares (which are even cuter in person). My friend and my dogs would never stand for the hats, but we were lucky enough to witness the modeling and purchase of a "blossom dog hat with button strap." Even in the heat Briana and Edie (owner and dog) both loved this lovely cold-weather accessory.

Sparrow Collective and little ocean were stand-outs in the clothes-I-want-to-own-right-now category.

I also want a SuperJumboDeluxe clock. What's the opposite of buyer's remorse? When you don't buy something?

Art: little plate kewpie cabeza by Circa Ceramics
Tear Stamp Earrings in Blue by Fox Glove Accessories
Onion Head Monster Fish by Paul Friedrich
Photo of Edie the dog in a Beantown Handmade hat by JillHannah (me)
Multi clocks by SuperJumboDeluxe

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Janelle said...

Thanks for the love, I appreciate it! And ohmygod! that dog's smile!