Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What the Hominy is Farmhouse Industrial?

Industrial Chic, Farmhouse Industrial, Industrial Farmhouse Chic, Urban Farmhouse...call it what you will but it's trendier than grass-fed beef.* Factory farms are out, but your factory farmhouse is definitely in. It's like edgy "prim," clean lines on dirty machines, and barn salvage under a halogen lamp.

*May not be trendier than grass-fed beef. Go buy grass-fed beef.
I made an Etsy treasury this morning called "Industrial Farmhouse" with treasures for your non-farm house and your ever-trendy self. (Screen-shot links to actual treasury.)

How cool are these vintage branding irons (from nikkimyers1127, bellalulu and milifland)? Now you can claim your friends and family as your own, even when they're out to pasture.

A butterfat scale from Leaping Lemming

...and a table made from a barn beam! (by The Steel Fork, a shop filled with "Famhouse Industrial.")aaaaaand I have a couple items in my own shop that fit this look/category, so let's let the vintage percolator have its moment in the sun:

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