Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's a Party In My... and everyone's invited.

Never tried one of these Linky blog posts before, but why not!

In the Hammock Vintage is hosting a "blog party" on her (no surprise) blog. Lots of links of Vesties members' blogs for peeking through seems to be the perfect type of party for my Sunday night mood.
Friday I went to a mini-flea market and did some quality pickering (really old Tupperware ketchup and mustard dispensers in gorgeous condition made me very happy, as did the original 1956 COD delivery box encasing a hand-held Dexter sewing machine). Then Saturday was St. Patrick's Day mayhem in Chicago, which was a lot of fun despite my weekend-long migraine battle.
So! Now it is Sunday and tomorrow my dog and I both have doctor's appointments (I worry about his a bit) so while in-person friends call to make plans, my party will stick to Blogland. If yours does, too, check out In the Hammock Vintage and the other Vesties bloggers with me and we can maintain a few social points for the evening, even in sweatpants and the fetal position.

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Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for stopping by the Vintage Blog Link Up and for adding the button to your post!! It's great to get the word out to more vesties :) Have a great weekend!!