Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yarn Ogling: A Weird&Twisted Contest

Fellow Etsy Promo Love team member Weird And Twisted (featured in at least one of my past treasuries and coveted in more than one of my past yarn cravings) is having a Third Etsiversary Giveaway Contest over at her blog! With a ball of yarn and a more-than-halfway-done project (fingerless gloves for the Boyfriend) actually touching my thigh at this very moment and being part of the three-year Etsy veteren club myself, I just had to participate in this fabulous contest. I'll get my very own skein of spun-just-for-me-yarn!

Images of Inspiration:

A bit of silliness staged on previously mentioned boyfriend's desk

Antrhopologie $198 a roll Crested Fireback wallpaper
Vintage ornate light switch plate (conveniently for sale in my shop right now...oh how subtle of me)

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