Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Etsy Holiday

This holiday season, I both gave and received the vast majority of my gifts from Etsy. Link
First, the giving.
My sister wanted cloth napkins. I made her two whole treasuries (one of prettier napkins, one of goofier napkins) filled with napkins I thought she'd like and then she went searching through Etsy herself as well. She ended up emailing me a list of ones she liked, and from that I picked two that I thought might coordinate well together.

The first were JAQStudio's EcoFriendly Large Cloth Napkins (more of this pattern still available at her shop)
The second were SisterMade's Organic Eco Friendly Cloth Napkins in Sunrise (I got the last of these but their shop is filled with similarly wonderful items)

My brother wanted cufflinks for Hanukkah. What 22-year-old boy asks for cufflinks? He's been interning in Washington, DC and needs to look like an official person, so he wanted cufflinks. Who am I to judge? I also made him a treasury of options I thought he'd like, and he actually loved all of them. Fortunately he was able to rank a few favorites so I got him his top three:

1) Red and Grey Stone Cufflinks from LoudCufflinks (more like this available!)

2) Vintage Flag Like Cufflinks in Dark Metal from janieg

3) Foreign Coin Cufflinks from JessiesDoohikies (similar available)

I've tried many, many different handmade and over-the-counter soaps and lotions, and my hands-down favorite is still Mirasol Farm on Etsy. Well, now they do gift certificates, which knocked a number of my friends off my gifting list. I also got soaps, lip balms, foot salves, and lotions for several of my friends whose scent taste I thought I could at least guess.

Now, my presents! I also made a treasury of things I wanted for Hanukkah and sent it to people, which turned out to be the best idea I've ever had.
I got:
This awesome necklace from stavri

A Pleated Turquoise/Light Blue Cushion Cover from pillow1

and enough of my favorite laundry detergent (lavender rosemary scented from showertreatsoap) to last me until next Hanukkah!

It was a very happy holiday!

Did your gifting come from Etsy?

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