Thursday, March 20, 2008

Printer and Purim: Fun with the Letter P

I thought I broke my printer. There was yelling and paper jamming and pulling and pushing and forcing bits of printer to go in directions that they did not want to go and forcing bits of paper through millimeters at a time and more yelling, but it all came out in the end! And it printed for about a day. And then things started looking weird and I thought it was a residual effect of my earlier printer woes. And people kept buying cards and I had to make them and print them and send them but they were coming out funny and I tried all the printer utility things to realign and clean the cartridges and I'd try printing again and it still looked funny and then I realized my color cartridge was running out.
OfficeMax and a fresh color cartridge later, problem solved. I feel pretty silly, but at least that's all it was.

Tomorrow night is Purim. I love Purim. I listed my hamentashen cards really late (last Friday), so I still have a bunch of them. Maybe I'll just give them to random people. Too bad I don't bake or I'd totally make real hamentashen and put them on the plates and give them to friends. That would be cute. Is it tacky to buy hamentashen and give them to people? Does anybody reading this even know what hamentashen are?

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