Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Change my banner?

Do I need to change my Etsy shop banner? I've gotten feedback here and there about it needing to change and maybe incorporating some of my cards into it. I don't really want to lose the branding of my scissors thing, but when enough people make the suggestion, I start taking it seriously. My banner originally didn't have the sheep, but enough people told me to tie it in better with my shop that I thought that was a simple idea that kept the rest of the look I liked.
Original banner:Banner with sheep (currently in my shop):Do I give up on the scissors and go for something that's entirely my card photos and my name?Or how about something completely different, like the googly background I created for my blog? This is just a rough version:
And of course, it has to go with my shop. I can't make decisions anymore. My life is so hard.


5erg said...

They all look great,
but my favourite would be the last one.
The eyes make it look so dotty and cute :)
i know i know, these are EYES,
but oh well, the banner looks cute, doesn't it? :D

Cari said...

I like the first two. I like the sheep better, but what you sell pops out more at me in the first. Sorry I'm not much help, am I? LOL