Thursday, September 18, 2008


New advertising toy/addiction thing:

Screw the traffic exchanges. Those were random everybodies randomly clicking random crap. LinkReferral is a traffic exchange, too, but it includes a reviews section where you can give feedback to the creators of other sites and they can leave you feedback as well. There's a whole complex points system based on how many reviews you submit a day (up to five for credit, more credit for better reviews) and how many sites you just view a day (up to 30) and then you can mark a site a day as a "favorite" and post in the "forum" as well, and all these things that push your site higher on their list for other people to look at.

And all of this would still be lame and sucky if, for some random reason, a huge number of Etsyians are all on the site. Shopping: jewelry/crafts. More than anything, LinkReferral has become my new way of poking through shops that I otherwise might never have found. Plus, I like critiquing, but not so much the critiques forum on Etsy, where you wade through too many "I just listed this item. What do you think?" (thinly veiled promo) posts and generic effusive comments and "rate the avatar above you" threads where the same person has posted every other slot for 16 pages. So a few thoughtful reviews in the name of "credit" on LinkReferral suits me fine.

And they have porn. You can get the exact same credit for going to the porn sites and rating them as you can going to Etsy sites. I only went surfing through these once (ok, so I'm back on there now that I'm writing this blog post) and found a lot of dead links (which I dutifully reported), but there was definitely some hardcore gay male action to be found including a very well built man swimming around a pool and jerking off to sleezy music. My straight male friend who was sitting beside me (the one who had egged me on to "check out the adult section!" in the first place) gaped at the screen flabergasted and speechless. I win.
Masturbation muscles counted towards my 30 hits for the day

*The AMAZING clay beefcake image is a magnet by bencandance and for sale at

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Ben Can Dance Creations said...

Thanks for choosing my "Beefcake" magnet to illustrate the porn on Etsy (haha). Be assured I am an equal opportunity smut-dealer and also sell naked female magnets for that someone special in your life. :D

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