Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Move Over, Stephen Colbert

Thanks to Fenris Lorsrai and her LiveJournal for showing me the online Build A Squid. After naming my first Squiddy creation Chester and discovering three other Chesters in the virtual US squid waters, I decided I needed to name the next squid after myself and my shop (which is conveniently named after, well, myself). Now you can make your own squid and check on the progress of mine by clicking "FIND YOUR SQUID" and then "ENTER SQUID'S NAME" and typing in JillHannah as the squid name. I'm pleased with it. I thought about trying to make it look like me, but other than picking the smallest of everything, that wasn't so possible.

This is a very Stephen Colbert thing of me to do, since he's had all kinds of crazy random crap named after himself, like a Hungarian bridge, an ice cream flavor, and his adopted bald eagle Stephen Jr. Well, he certainly has no virtual squid. Who's awesome now, motherfucker?


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I know I'm supposed to be getting ready for a dinner party, but well placed usage of the word motherfucker excites me. So, I created 'tea and honey squid' and, *now* I shall get ready. Cheers!

fenrislorsrai said...

Currently no squid named for Stephen Colbert.

Must...resist...urge.. to...create... Stephen Colbert squid...