Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sticks and Stones and Lazy Bones

I'm seriously considering changing the name of the card portion of my business to Off the Wall Greetings. I came up with it about an hour ago while I was making dinner. It covers both my WALLpaper envelope stuff and my general snarky/offbeat stuff, and that's pretty much what I do. I was a little surprised it doesn't already exist, but there's no yet or anything I could find by googling it (except the descriptive phrase referring to cards). I already created the gmail account and, but now I have to convince myself it's really worth it to move everything to the new name and make new business cards and all that. Possible logo: wallpaper background with a bent nail? Still just thoughts. I'd love to hear your opinions, though.

And why am I doing this on New Years Eve? Because I decided that while my cold is getting better and I'm finally off the nasal sprays and things ending in "-quil," it wasn't worth forcing myself out in less clothing than the weather would logically call for to some semi-awkward uber-social function full of people I don't know or barely know and sneeze on the one or two people I actually want to see for a few minutes and drink things I shouldn't and spend money I shouldn't and wander home frozen to a pair of dogs that will want to go out and play having already pooped in my kitchen and wake up tomorrow as sick as I was five days ago, all just to have a "proper" New Years.

Instead, I'm curling up with two warm (and appropriately emptied) dogs, a hot drink, and as many movies as I can stand. I'll probably call a few important people to wish them a happy 2009. I might stick my head out the 13th floor fire escape at the countdown to watch the fireworks, since my apartment building has one hell of a view, but that's it. And I'm looking forward to it like crazy.


SassySashadoxie said...

Happy new Year. Enjoy the fireworks. Glad your cold is getting better.

Heather said...

Hey off-the-wall-girl! Great idea for a name.... do it.

And thanks for highlighting my hot cocoa & marshmallows card.