Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes, I am just now posting these photos

This is the hoodie I made for the male one-eyed hairless cat named Lucius. It's been a rough few weeks, so you just get to see the pictures now. I'm hoping the kitty-mama will send me some modeled photos as well, but that's totally up to his camera-readiness and her initiative.

Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun in fuchsia
Zipper hand-stitched during two movies, then partially re-done because I'm anal to (I believe) to Tolstoy's Childhood courtesy of Librivox.org (free downloadable iPod-able public domain audiobooks AKA best thing ever).
Hoodie ties ended with jingle bells that were way harder to get on than they should have been but totally made this a cat sweater instead of a generic-four-legged-creature sweater.

Want one? Maybe if you're nice to me.

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