Monday, March 30, 2009

Hey, baby, what's your color?

So obviously I've spent most of my not-in-bed-with-terrible-migraine time today on coming up with a palette to exactly match the colors in my rug, then stalking all the other color palettes and Pantone trends and whatnot for ideas.

In my COLOURlovers forum lurking, I discovered Colourism. It's like numerology but with color. You input your first and last names, birthday, and VOILA! It tells you what your unique color is! Here's mine:

I think it suits me quite well, actually. It's not my favorite color, but it's a good description of me, somehow.

And mycompanion color:

Color by COLOURlovers

Which I don't love, particularly with "my" color, but it is the sort of pink that, by itself, I can almost stand. The mauvey pink.

So what's your color?


amy said...

What an interesting link. I got a nice grassy crayon green with my married/professional name.
But, in the interest of science(!) I did it again using my largely ceremonial first name and my maiden name and got a deep red.
I could probably play with that one for a while- but cheers to you for being able to do so with a migrane.

Angela said...

my color was the pink that is your companion color...and my companion color was your blue. I guess that means we would be good companions. :)

JillHannah said...

Well we obviously have to be BFFs now. Obvi.

Your perpetual calendars are pretty sweet. I wonder if the magnets would be strong enough to hold things that pertain to specific dates. Even if they aren't, for important days (ie craft shows, doctors appointments, execution dates) you could pull them out a bit and use a regular strong magnet clip thing to hang all related papers and things. That would be swell.

a. said...

Soooo I did my birth/maiden name first and got this:
another bluish and reddish combo
And then I did my married name and got this:
dark dark dark
Finally, out of curiousity, I did my married name and the "birthdate" of that name (anniversary):
probably the only shades of purple and green that give me rage

ps i want to paint your condo

JillHannah said...

As Amy Test, you and I are almost the same person.
As Amy Eiben, you are a dark colorless being who likes other dark colorless beings.
Your wedding was supposed to be a combination of things you loved but certain elements got pitched to make you a little crazy.

Except you're soooo not a dark colorless being and neither is Steve.