Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For Want of a Platypus

I'm not usually an "ohmigawd I saw the greatest thing ever and I have to put it in my blog" blogger, but, well, ohmigawd.It's tsurubride's Gold Platypus Orwell Clutch. As in it's a purse. And it's leather. And it's gold. And it's a friggin' platypus. She has other animals and objects and things, but this one makes me do the toddler-at-the-grocery-store-check-out-"I want it"-tantrum.

My birthday is in May.

Special thanks to betsybensen for her "made you smile" treasury west that not only made me smile but introduced me to tsurubride and a number of other amazing Etsy shops. Pretty things are an excellent distraction from migraine pain.

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