Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Story Time with JillHannah and Antique Rolling Pins

Whenever possible, I go to garage sales, estate sales, demolition sales, etc.

I've heard of storage unit sales, where you buy the entire contents of a unit abandoned by its owner, so when we drove up to one of the addresses on my list of sales from the classifieds and saw it was a storage facility, I got excited.

Apparently a woman with multiple units had died and her next of kin didn't want or didn't want to deal with what she'd left behind. There were units full of depression glass, dolls, toys, books, magazines, artwork, and an altogether overwhelming amount of stuff. I could have spent a week in there, but I came with friends who insisted on seeing sunlight and having lives, so I had to hurry.

A week or two before the sale at the storage unit, I'd been at an auction that included lot after lot of antique rolling pins that sold for hundreds of dollars. I think some serious collectors came out and got into a bidding war to inflate the price, but that still was fresh in my mind.

When I saw the barrel of rolling pins at the storage unit sale, I got excited. Fat, skinny, colorful, I bought them all. My friends thought I was nuts.

I kept getting them confused when I went to take photos, having trouble remembering which ones I'd done already, etc. So I gave them names. Names come with imagined stories, and now they have lives.

If I'm the crazy lady with too many cats (or dogs) who has afternoon tea with her antiques before I'm even 30, slap me. Hard.

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