Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Shining: Heeere's Spongey!

I have a new favorite product. Nothing that's being featured on a Target endcap, no great Etsy find, but an extremely pleasant surprise:
Easy Shine Instant Shine Sponge in "neutral."

On one of my past garage/estate sale-ing romps, I acquired this blue leather briefcase just begging to be a hipster's laptop case, but it was schmutzy in a non-"cool vintage" way. On my last Walgreens run, I found the shoe shine sponge for under $3 and figured it was worth a shot.
Worth so much more than a shot.
It's just a sponge attached to a plastic thing that's a little damp. The damp stuff is made of magic.
I wish I had before and after photos.
Now it's getting the weird white stuff off the awesome multicolored shoes I haven't listed because they had weird white stuff on them. The rest of my vintage shoes (and my regular shoes for that matter) better prepare themselves for the worlds easiest shining.

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