Thursday, August 19, 2010

NiftyKnits Untangling the Web of Business and Belief

Today, in her blog, the ever-fabulous NiftyKnits decided to poke one of her knitting needles at the tangled topic of business and religion. It reminded me of my "How Mature is Etsy" rant last May.
There's a good discussion going on Nifty's blog comments, and you will notice this blog post copy/pasted there as well, but I wanted to make this bit about the business/religion tangle clear and in my own blog.

What matters most in the grand "Is it OK to mix belief and business" debate is CHOICE--is a business abusing a captive audience? Or does the consumer have a choice?

If there is only one plumber in town and she won't unclog my toilet unless I pray with her, that is NOT ok.

If the only way I can obtain food for my family is by first listening to a political candidate's three-hour stump-speech, that is NOT ok.

If 809 of 9,034 soap sellers on Etsy require a sacrifice to Apollo in addition to PayPal or check, I can go to one of the 8,025 shops that don't demand loyalty to the ancient Greek god.

Get rid of Meerkat Nativity and where will Christian meerkats go on Christmas?
Religion and politics are part of the lives of many people, and associated merchandise isn't inherently good or bad. Like the "mature" marketplace, it should exist for those who want it and be optional for those who don't.
Art: Meercat in Green Sweater by NiftyKnits
Apollo Vintage Cameo by grigrio
Ibn Arabi Scroll Necklace by Soul Song Creations

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