Monday, August 23, 2010

ramble VICTOR whirrrrr ADDING fizzle MACHINE

I want to list things but my brain is Swiss cheese. Can I just post pretty pictures with semi-coherant rambling sentence fragments?

Victor Adding Machine
Model 60-85-54
Lots of number buttons
Plug it in and it turns on and makes lots of noise and does stuff but I don't know how to use an adding machine so I don't know if it "works."
Produced 1950-1956
More information from this German site here:
Did I mention it's green?
Weighs like 20 lbs. Convert that to kilograms yourself, dammit, I can hear my brain doing the Alka Seltzer fizzle.
It's really cool. The top swings open and there's all this mechanical stuff inside.
When it's plugged in it sounds and smells like my mom's old typewriter.
Yesterday when I calculated the 1951 price in Saar francs (from that German site) and converted it into 2010 US dollars it came out to almost exactly $700. I guess it was the office computer of its time - a big important investment.
It has no zeroes. This boggles my mind.
There's two shades of green: forest green and bright spring green. It's almost a mint green but not quite blue enough.
If you press a key while it's off, the key stays down. The second you plug it in, it springs back to life.
The body has a hump on its back. I was looking through patents and other models of the Victor adding machines and most of them don't have the hump. It reminds me of a car with some extra curvy piece to appear aerodynamic and sporty. I don't know why it needs the hump, if it's style or if there's an extra function that takes up more room. Whatever the rationale, this would be the coolest adding machine on wheels. And it's green.

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