Sunday, August 1, 2010

What I Really Covet Most...

I made my last month's Etsy Covet List from the hospital while being treated for my chronic migraines. My friends and family visited and fussed, but I said my usual "It's not cancer and it can't kill me."

Five days after I was discharged, we found out my mom has breast cancer.
In a matter of weeks my new medication had me retaining water to the tune of a fully increased cup size, and my mom had both of her breasts removed.

Consequently, my escapist Etsy browsing has taken on a different tone. I'm not looking at pretty things and imagining them in a life that takes me away from my own loud, hyper-present pain. Instead my mother's renewed mortality and sudden inabilities are sufficient distraction from my physical issues. Now I search for something less frantic, more numbly, and despite my dreamy glaze I keep coming back to the practical.

We expect the pathology report tomorrow to confirm things, but my mother is expected to make a full recovery.


Galit said...

Hi Jill,
I wish your mom quick and as easy as possible recovery. Be strong and keep the creativity rolling. It is so important in such times.

Moonangelnay on Etsy said...

my gosh what a whirlwind of a time your family must be having right now. im wishing your mom all the best and hope that her recovery is as swift and smooth as it can go after whats already happened. lots of love x

gretchenmist said...

i feel for you ~ and have my fingers crossed.
you've made the practical finds super pretty :)