Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vintage Supply that Begs to be Artified

I found this ring at this guy's warehouse-that-will-turn-into-a-store-if-the-loan-ever-comes-through sale. I wanted to jump into business with the guy and turn his space into something for as close to $0 as possible in return for sharing the venue, but that's another story.

The ring!

This ring is a crafts(wo)man, artist, and jeweler's dream project. It is a 1920s vintage element with structure and an art deco design for inspiration and direction, but there is so much possibility.
Someone unceremoniously ripped out the five stones settings and all, leaving behind cut marks on the gold.
A person with talent and more metalsmithing/jewelry background than a few summers at camp could make this thing gorgeous.

Any ideas?

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